Banksia at South Gorge 2021 91.5x91.5
Banksias and Reeds, Blue Lake 2021 91.5x91.5
Dusk 2021 55x55
Leaving Blue Lake 2021
Murdering Creek 2021 153x122
Pink Ash and Bloodwood 2021 122x244
Pink Ash Autumn No1 2021 91.5x91.5
Pink Ash Autumn No2 2021 91.5x91
Pink Ash Forest 2021 122x153
Pink Ash Spring 2021 70x70
Pink Ash Summer 2021 84x84
Pink Ash Tangle 2021 76x76
Pink Ash Winter 2021 101x101
Pink Ash, morning light 2021 110x110
Pink Ash, Spring Morning 2021 110x110
She-oak at Point Lookout 2021 122x122
She-oaks, Deadman's Beach 2021 46x46
She-oaks, Frenchman's Beach 2021 46x46
Through The Trees 2021 92x92
Weyba Paperbarks 2021 122x183
White Ash Forest 2021 108x108